Kelly Boyle is an award-winning graphic, digital, and web design professional based in San Diego, CA. She specializes in informational and editorial design for multi-page documents and best describes her design aesthetic as clean, deliberate, and moderate. In addition to her print design work, she is well versed in writing HTML and CSS and has intimate knowledge of WordPress and other content management systems.

Kelly currently holds the position of Content and Production Specialist and Graphic Designer with San Diego State University.

> Content Editing and Proofreading
> Design Conception, Layout, and Production
> Editorial and Informational Design
> Email Marketing
> HTML, CSS, and FTP
> Photo Composition, Manipulation, and Retouching
> Print, Digital, and Web Design
> Project Management
> Seasonal Campaign Design
> Typography
> WordPress/CMS Management
Adobe Creative Suite (Creative Cloud)
> Acrobat
> Bridge
> Dreamweaver
> Illustrator
> InCopy
> InDesign
> Lightroom
> Photoshop

Microsoft Office
> Excel
> Outlook
> PowerPoint
> Word
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